Thursday, August 16, 2007

"O" really?

Apparently the new issue of O Magazine includes a piece where "O" reflects on the choking death of her two year old Golden Retriever, Gracie.
"She never stopped moving. Was energy in motion. ... I have never seen a being, human or animal, always so full of joy," Winfrey says of Gracie, who ran amok and gulped food and treats. "This dog lived every moment as though it were her last."
A young Golden being spunky and eating everything that isn't nailed to the ceiling? Really? I'm shocked. Thanks for the heads up "O." "This dog lived every moment as though it were her last?" I'll say it again...that's how Goldens roll...and that is exactly why I love them so.

When I got to the bottom of the article linked above, I wanted to punch a hole in the wall after reading this:
Winfrey says she "got the message" to slow down and catch her breath when Gracie died.
So, "O," let me get this got the message to BREATHE because of Gracie's final moments gasping for air while people you hired to tend to the day to day obligations of dog ownership pounded on her chest in an attempt to dislodge the obstruction to Gracie's airway?

You can tell a lot about people by how they treat their animals.

This one, just because...

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

There is evil among us

Watch your back. That's all I'm saying.

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

An oil change that makes some guy hate Oprah

A guy walks into an oil change place and picks up a recent issue of People. Thumbing through it he sees pictures of celebrities and their dogs. He thumbs through it a bit more and finds an article with a very interesting headline. Please note, this guy never reads the articles in People. He just likes to look at the pictures...slow witted Southerner I guess. He was compelled to read the article this time. Oprah Winfrey's Beloved Golden Retriever Dies.

I'll bet you five dollars that the guy reading the article got very angry. He probably saw pictures of Paris and Brittney walking around with their canine "accessories" before stumbling upon the story about Oprah.

The platitudes of how Gracie lived every moment as though it was her last probably made that guy even more angry. Gracie was a Golden...that's how they roll! Let's not talk about how Gracie had a hired dog walker, ok?

The guy was just there for an oil change. Waiting for a moral to this story? I've got a call into that guy who read about Oprah's Gracie. I'll bet he'd say that dog ownership comes with responsibility. He might also mention that if you feel the need to hire someone to walk your dog, you probably don't need a dog.

Word on the street is that dogs actually enjoy "living every day like it was their last" with their masters.