Monday, December 31, 2007

Why did I go to work today?

For some reason, I was wide awake this morning at around 3am. I tried for about an hour to go back to sleep before I gave up and decided to start what would now be a VERY long day. I made it to my office around 7 and it soon became clear why I came to work today. I check my email and I have one from the developer of our condo project. The subject was "river rock" He attached a picture to help explain the following email:

Want to use as accents (front door entry exteriors, hardscape areas. What
about for the pool walls? I like the zen feel over the older Mexican feel. I
need you to meet me for a day in Cabo Jan 26th.

We talked briefly this morning and he has a few resorts he wants to show us so that we can get all of the details just right. Why did I go to work today? To learn that I'll be going on expense free vacation in a few weeks! Well almost expense free. It's not cheap to put Molly and Tess in jail for a few days.

Sunday, December 30, 2007

Making the most of Sunday's last sunbeam

Around here, the sun comes up and casts a beam at the back door by about noon. By about 3, the best beams are cast on the couch which make for bad napping (for humans.) When the sun begins to set, there is one spot left for the day, in the kitchen, that Molly loves. She is in tune with the rotation of the earth around the sun. She knows exactly where to be and when.

A while ago, I'd come home from work and pet Molly on the head and panic because her head was blazing hot. What was wrong with my beloved dog? Fever? The first time, there was even an after hours trip to the vet to help save my ailing dog. Come to find out, she just likes lying in the sun. Oddly enough, so do I! Reason number 54 why I choose not to participate in winter sports.

Saturday, December 29, 2007

Complying with Blogger's terms of use agreement

I don't know if anyone actually reads the terms of use, but I'm pretty certain that in the fine print at the bottom, Blogger requires all of its users to write a New Years resolution post. Now I'm not an attorney, so I'm not sure if they can prosecute people who don't comply with their requirements...Just in case, here is my post:
  1. I want to complete at least one frame-worthy drawing each month. Its just a good habit to develop.
  2. Relating to #1, I want to stock my home studio. Its already "functional," but I'd like it to be professional as well. Now all I have is a Hobby Lobby style drafting table. I didn't get myself anything for Christmas this year, but it's time that I pony up for a furniture quality drafting table to use at home. Maybe I'll bring the one I have at the office home and find a super-special table for the office.
  3. I need to continue to learn, to seek out information. Education never stops. I need to get on a better track to life long learning.
  4. I need to find a church home. This is self explanatory, but previous attempts have left me wanting. I can't stand "church-lite" that has become so popular. I don't want electric guitars, powerpoint presentations, full drum sets, or shiny, happy messages that only refer tangentially to Biblical teachings. I want that "Old Time Religion!"
  5. I haven't been cooking enough. Being in the kitchen is so much fun for me, but lately its been mostly burgers and pizza on the run. I probably should get a kitchen table too!
  6. I want to do a better job keeping up with this blog. A while back it was a great source of entertainment for me, but I've gotten away from that. During this slow time at the end of the year I've had a chance to go back and re-read my past posts and remembered how much fun it was to update, read your comments and visit your sites and comment there.
  7. So much at work is changing. I will be absolutely slammed with new and exciting projects in this new year. In our new design "suite" I want to maintain the highest level of professionalism. This means that the locker room mentality that has dominated our current office arrangement will no longer be permitted. Muddy boots, burping when you walk into the office after lunch to "announce" your return, loud phone talking or any other disruptive behavior will not be permitted. This also means that I cannot wake up late and throw on a hat and roll into work half asleep. I don't do it very often now, but in the new year, this can never happen. Molly and Tess will be welcome to come to work with me, but I'm still on the fence about whether or not this is a good idea. After we get settled, I imagine that I'll try it out a time or two to see how they do. It sure would be nice to have my girls with me when I need a break.
  8. I need to start paying myself first, well second...after Uncle Sam takes his. I was on a program of methodical saving, but have found excuses to spend instead of save lately.
  9. I don't walk Molly and Tess enough. They enjoy going out and exploring. A little exercise would probably not hurt me either! You may not know this, but I'm rather fond of my dogs. I think it's only fair to offer them the same enjoyment that they offer me.
  10. Finally, the dreaded #10. Dammit, I got nothing. How about working for world peace? Maybe ending the practice of putting stickers on rear windshields with a soccer ball and a kid's name? Maybe I'll fight to shut every Starbucks down. I got another gift card and feel like I have to use it so they at least have to provide me with coffee, even though every trip to purchase a simple cup of coffee is such a painful and traumatic experience. Maybe I'll just lobby for an express line for those who just want a cup of coffee.
That said, my Aggies are playing is the evil Tom Brady who caused me to lose in the finals of my fantasy football league last weekend. I think I'll head to the store soon to pick up some Shiner Bock and maybe a few bundles of wood to build my first fire of the year and hunker down and see what happens on the football field.

Y'all have a good New Years weekend. Stay out of trouble!

Friday, December 28, 2007

What started out as a long shot... finally becoming a reality. About 9 months ago, I drew a quick conceptual drawing that got our tiny little company the commission for the landscape design (and construction) of a high profile development in the area. We were blessed to work with the designer of the 2005 Southern Living "Idea House" and the HGTV "Dream House" of 2006. I've learned so much in the process and am so grateful for the opportunity to to be associated with some of the best in the business.

Last week, we submitted our "final" drawings and an artist much better than I took our plans and sketches and developed a painting of my vision. I got the almost final version today. What do you think?

Not too bad...I can't wait for the grand opening party. Celebration is in order for sure!

Is this really what I do for a living? Somebody pinch me, please.

Thursday, December 27, 2007


Well, the end of 2007 has brought a mountain of changes into my life. Let's start with the positive...

Our tiny little construction and design business that started out in an rv storage shed has grown and today began moving into a new facility as a part of a merger with another very well respected company in the area. Together we will become the best company in the area. The big guys down in Houston have been trying to carve a market in "our" 'hood for about 2 years and we decided that we weren't going to let that happen.

We will be moving to a house on a piece of land close to most of our more lucrative construction projects. Here is the part where it gets exciting. The house is not large enough to accommodate all the office employees, so tomorrow a portable office trailer is being delivered to house all design related operations! After five years, I will have my own space 100% dedicated to design. It's not much, but this is the separation from daily operations I've been waiting for. There are a ton of drawings that have to be cranked out and I've not been able to be very effective with the constant interruptions. Privacy and quiet are essential for the creative process...I'm finally going to get what I need to do what I love!

Our new partner also has a son who will be my "CAD monkey." The only problem is that he has no knowledge of drafting, drawing or CAD, but he is "good with computers." We'll see how that works out. When I told a friend that, he said that it sounds like all I have is a "monkey." I suspect that it won't be long before he is reassigned.

We'll be onward and upward by the end of January, hopefully sooner.

Now the not so pleasant changes. Poodle and Schnauzer will no longer be making visits to annoy Molly and Tess. Poodle and I always had a love/hate relationship. I hate to admit it, but I miss that little f'er! I remember the night that I got a 12-pack of beer while dog sitting and made it my mission to teach Tess that it was not ok to eat poodles. Sure, poodles are roughly the same size as large squirrels. Tess had a "come to Jesus" night that night and Poodle never had any open wounds inflicted by Tess after she met "God."

Still, every time a car drives by or they hear a little jingle, Molly and Tess rush to the door waiting for those damn dogs to rush in. I think they are really missing their buddies.

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Tess got a giant, evil red thing for Christmas

Today, Tess learned about frustration. Frustration, thy name is KONG. Tess loves her Kong and Molly loves the peace and quiet it provides her! It was the perfect gift for both dogs!

Merry Christmas everyone from Tess, Molly and Adam. We are happy to be back home safe and sound and hope all of you find yourselves back home safe, happy and blessed very soon.

I have to include the best photo of the day from the Flickr Golden group...I've seen that same look somewhere before, but I can't quite put my finger on where it was.

Friday, December 21, 2007

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Tess is my snuggle dog

Tess is a complete butthead. She digs holes in the yard, she steals my socks, she drags tree stumps in the house and she likes nothing more than to be muddy. That said, she knows when I'm down, she knows when I'm sick and she knows when its time to get her snuggle on! I don't brag about Tess often enough. Thanks, Tess. Now go find Molly and annoy her...I'll be waiting for you when I'm sound asleep and you hop up on the bed in the middle of the night.

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Uncle Adam does ok on vacation

My nephew gets to romp with my girls in a week. Let's just hope he doesn't take all my hard earned poker money. My niece will be waiting for me to watch some football with her. I can't wait!

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Friday, December 14, 2007

A funny thing about life...

...It doesn't always go exactly as you plan. I'm lucky to have some buddies that help me remember to keep my chin up and roll with the punches. Thanks, Buttheads...I owe you one.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Just returned from a quick vacation

Winter Park, CO. My flight was late because United failed to tell the flight crew that this flight was ON TIME!!! There was some snow in Denver this morning, but oddly enough, everything was on time. As it turns out, the Denver airport is equipped to handle snow. Shocking, I know. Result, DELAYED.

We did not get back in time for me to pick my girls up from the kennel. So, as I write this, there are two dogs missing me, and me missing them. This is the first post I've ever written without at least one dog at my feet. I had a white knuckle drive over a snow covered mountain pass this morning and each switch-back and slow turn got me closer to my girls. I had a big night of wrestling and snuggling planned, but it was not to be. I'd call customer service, but I think that it would only make me more angry. I just want to be with my damn dogs! I pick them up at 8 tomorrow. We'll have an abbreviated wrestling/snuggling session before its time to go back to work.

Monday, December 03, 2007

All creatures, GREAT and small

Why are all my recent posts focused on what happens on the couch? Maybe I'm living vicariously through my dogs. Couch time would be fun. Tess is taking good pictures now too! Word on the street is that she is still annoying though.