Saturday, January 21, 2006

Blame it on Mexico

314 pencil on Strathmore 400 series, 1.5 hours. This was the draft before the final one that I framed as a gift for a friend.

Ahhh, good ole Ma Crosby's in Acuna, Mexico. I dug this out this afternoon and had to post it. It reminds me of those times in high school that the boys and I would tell our parents we were going "camping" and head south to Del Rio, check into a hotel and spend a weekend drinking beer and and enjoying a couple nights without a curfew. Good times, good times.

When I'd return on Sunday, I'd wash all my camping cookware, air out the tent in the back yard and wash that fictional campfire smoke off my clothes. Did my parents ever know it was all for show?


Nessa said... THAT is a good cover story! Sure wish I would have thought of it way back when!

Medium Bob said...

I was just playing next blog but had to commment. You do great work! Wow! If I was in the market I would hire you.

As for sneeking off to Mexico, I grew up in El Paso and going to Juarez was like driving over to a freinds house.I have some great memories of the Cruz Blanca Brewery and $.50 pitchers of beer.

Times are a lot different now. I hear Juarez is not a very safe place to be.