Tuesday, January 31, 2006

My take on the State of the Union Address

I took it as a Constitutional requirement gone awry...teach our children how to add and subtract, nukes are bad in the hands of a bunch of wackos, those folks who cross our borders are bad, bless the folks who serve our country, thanks to Mrs. King. I'm sure I haven't covered all the high points, but Ms. Jackson-Lee's red suit sure was looking nice. Mr. President, if you aren't going to make, wide ranging, innovative proposals, just send me an email about the state of the union. You have my address.

Ideas are good. I'd love it if people stopped reading the news and started throwing out wild and crazy ideas that could be edited, and edited again. This might be the Shiner talking, but it would be great to have the unwashed masses calling the shots!

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Nessa said...

The Shiner shined through - good points, though. I'm almost ashamed to say that I didn't watch it, but I heard nary a verbal stumble was made and that's great news!