Wednesday, January 25, 2006

They came!

Last week I made my first ever campaign donation-and it was to someone I can't even vote for. This evening I checked the mail and there were two shiny new bumper stickers waiting. I dropped what I was doing and went straight out and put it on my car.

Like many conservatives, I'm frustrated with the direction our local, state and national governments are taking. There was a time when political convictions meant something. Now it seems like those "convictions" only come out during campaign season. I've always had a general frustration with the divide between the party platform and what actually gets accomplished. But now that frustration has become something that makes me want to smack every politician "Three Stooges" style.

I've been listening to Dan Patrick on the radio for quite some time. His message is clear. His goals transcend the good ole boy network in Austin. I'm willing to give him any support I can in his bid to get to Austin.

If you are reading this and are in Texas Senate district 7, I encourage you to at least do some of your own investigative work into the race at hand. Senate 7 will go Republican, so your only opportunity to choose will be in the primary get out there and VOTE!

and Rob, I hope you are reading this! Some of us are tired of lip service.


Nessa said...

I have to say that it's quite refreshing to read this point of view in a blog. Thank you!

Kristie said...

This really doesn't have a lot to do with this post, but you are really talented. (Oops, not a knock on your topic.) Your sketches are beautiful.

Smacktle said...

This is Smacktle. I did the same thing and gave money to Dan for his campaign and I live in The Woodlands.

I see that you are in landscaping.
Not dirt but drawing. Do you know anybody up here that does sprinklers for yards? Someone I can trust.. Contact me at if you know someone.

P.S. That nessa is a hottie!

Sass said...

I agree with Nessa - frankly I am tired of all the bashing.

Okie said...

Well, it seems his name will give a nice advantage.

It's refreshing to have a candidate you can support because you believe in them and even admire them. I am currently a constituent of such a man, Dr. Tom Coburn. He's the first person I was ever excited to vote for, anxious for on election night, eager to donate to, and proud to tell people he's my United States Senator.

I know nothing about your man and his politics, but I hope he wins. Of course, I only say that because you gave away that he's a republican.

Adam said...

Thanks Okie...I'm fond of your Senator as well. Kay, John, are you listening??? Principle above politics has always been my theme. Sen. Coburn seems to have that same philosophy.

Sally Loudmouth said...

It really makes my day when I see Dan Patrick bumper stickers! Good job!

Squawkbox said...

Yep it does look familiar.
Good man