Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Litter news of the day

I got a call tonight to update me on the litter of puppies I have my eye on. They have FINALLY been sexed and there are 6 females in the litter, 5 of which are the same golden color as Molly. I'll be heading to West Texas in a couple of weeks to go check out the bunch and hopefully pick out the next greatest bird dog before someone else does.

Tess is still the name that's in the lead, but I'm open to suggestions. 4 weeks and counting...I can't wait!


Duly Inspired said...

You're obviously going w/ a female but if I ever got a boy dog I'd name him Ruger. I smiled when I read this post, thinking of new puppies and running around the yard with a goose wing in my hand trying to get Cheyenne to follow the scent.

Duly Inspired said...

Me again. Your comment was/is great to have. Thank you for sharing what your mother wrote. Good woman, she. I've written it down to have with me.