Monday, February 27, 2006

A seat at the "Cool Kid's" table

Today at work my Wal-Mart special mp3 player crapped out. After getting home I made the decision to take a risk on some cutting edge technology to replace it. I headed for Best Buy to see what they had in the way of a replacement. The salesman pointed me toward the ipod section. I know most of you have never heard of this device, but as it turns out, it does the same thing my old one did and can hold my entire collection of Crystal Gayle and John Denver music.

Playing around with it tonight, I found the ipod easy to use and easy to add music. Did you know you can even get songs from the internet? I know, I was shocked too. Nothing like my old Wal-Mart special that took an act of God to add new music without erasing everything else stored on it.

I'm thinking this ipod thing might just take off...I'll be emptying my life savings to invest in the fruit company that makes them. Like I learned in an economics class, its best to get in on the ground floor when an innovative product comes out.

Maybe next week I'll go get one of those cellular telephones I've been reading about in the news.


Okie said...

Ha! I'm laughing with you, and not at you 'cause I've only had my ipod a couple months. Fascinating. How the hell'd day do dat? Now you need the ihome.

Nessa said...

the only reason I have an ipod is because someone very sweet bought one for me - it is pretty darn cool, though!!

Adam said...

Whoa, Okie, slow steps. I'm making the most of my iDoubleWide. I knew I held on to those old computer speakers for a reason!

Southern Fried Girl said...

Is it sad that I was at the end of your post before I realized you were joking?

I need sleep.

Anonymous said...

I just finally broke down and bought an Ipod a couple of weeks ago. And it wasn't even the fancy one, it was the cheapy Shuffle.