Thursday, March 23, 2006

My trip to the North Pole

What is up with the weather this week. I found a set of bolt cutters and unchained myself from my drafting table and have been managing a construction project for about the past 3 weeks. Its been great being outside playing in the dirt. One, because its close to home and I can swing by my house for lunch and let Tess and Molly out for a while and eat on my back porch, and two, because it is (or has been) absolutely gorgeous outside. Its also nice to be able to make design changes on the fly without having to make a special trip to the site.

Anyway, maybe I'm just a wuss, but today was absolutely miserable. It may have hit 50 today, cloudy, wind blowing all day long and lips chapping. The only thing that would have made the day more craptabulous would have been a hint of rain.

But wait, it gets worse. Today was the day to fine-tune the lighting system. So that means staying on site until it got dark! Even more time in the wind, taking care of the nitpick stuff until the sun went down enough to show where the lights were pointing.

All is well now. After a hot shower and a cold beer, my mind turns to the weekend and all it has to offer!

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Nessa said...

the weather is KILLING me - I hope it warms up soon because I've got a bunch of northern friends coming in for the weekend in 2 weeks and our plans will be severely dampened if this continues!!!