Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Breakfast, its what's for dinner

As the winner of "The Next Food Network Star," I think it would be appropriate to share a time tested recipe that works great for breakfast, even better for dinner and the ultimate "impress your drunk friends" late night snack. It is the frittata.

Start with the frozen fajita mix with onion, green bell peppers and red bell peppers. Saute in some olive oil while you go back to the freezer for the shredded (not cubed) hashbrowns. Chunk those in the saute pan as well. Let everything thaw out and start to get some color.

Next, the eggs. Crack enough to fill the pan about an inch or so. A little salt, pepper and some hot sauce into them is just what the doctor ordered.

Now turn on the broiler. This step will be helpful later.

Dump the eggs in the pan and stir like hell for a few seconds. You should be on medium/low heat by now. Then, my favorite part...sit back, drink your o.j., cold beer, or Jagermiester...depending on the time of day.

When the bottom of the frittata begins to turn brown, pop it under the broiler and let the uncooked part of the goodness to cook through. This usually takes about half a beer and two stories from that friend that talks too much (story times may vary.) After all the eggs on top have cooked through, remove from under the broiler. IMPORTANT: the handle is very hot! Don't worry though, its a mistake you will only make once.

Let it cool for a couple minutes and place a plate upside-down on the pan. Then flip both plate and pan over so the top side of the frittata is now on the bottom. IMPORTANT: the handle is still very hot. OK, I lied, you'll do it twice, but medical technology today is doing wonders for burn victims these days.

You should be looking at a perfectly round piece of golden goodness. Cut into wedges and serve. The best part is, it took you longer to read this than it does to prepare the dish and you come out looking like a well seasoned chef.

That's all my time. Hope you enjoy!


Snow White said...

Gads! With all my house plans I forgot to check out "The Next Food Network Star" on Sunday. Who won? Your recipe sounds good, and not too difficult. While I'd like to say I'll give it a whirl some time, I'm betting I won't. I'm not much of a cook. Although, since your post yesterday I've been craving ribs. When will they be ready? :)

Southern Fried Girl said...

That would be lovely if I could stomach eggs.

Okie said...

Damn, that made me hungry.