Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Back to work

The long weekend is over. I'm still recovering. Its funny, did you know that staying up WAY too late (and walking dogs WAY too early) and enjoying hours of swimming and volleyball coupled with forgoing water in favor of more flavorful beverages makes you just want to crawl in bed for about two days? No, really, it does.

A fine time was had by all...well except when the Poker Nazi showed up and ruined a friendly game of mildly competitive poker among friends. But that's another story altogether. I'm going to try to forget about it. When the Poker Nazi started "explaining" poker to the table, I went all in on the next bad hand I got. What? I lost? A 3-7-9-J-K doesn't beat a straight? Take my money...I'll be on the porch ENJOYING my beer.

Anyway, I'm sad to report that I didn't break out my camera the whole weekend. But I did get some pictures sent to me this morning. So...here goes:

The only close up of Molly. She has this thing where she just jumps in and heads out into the water without looking back. Molly isn't much of a historian. I think she's trying to prove the Earth is round.

Tess was blamed for digging up a newly planted flower bed. Apparently some folks are still unaware that she is being stalked by a pack of gypsy dogs. She would never do anything like that. I have a call in to our legal team, but they always seem to be out of the office when I call.

And finally, Tess, upon hearing about gators liking fresh Golden meat, (Thanks for the heads up Alison) decided that maybe swimming wasn't the best hobby to have. She has since expressed interest in taking up tennis or music...I'll let you know when she chooses. But hey...check out that sunburn!

I hope all of y'all had a great weekend. I know I did.


Snow White said...

That's some burn you have in that picture! Is it still tender, or has it turned brown? I'm glad your girls didn't meet up with any gators! Glad you had fun, even gladder that you're back!

mollymcmommy said...

ah so cute! um, molly and tess too of course!