Tuesday, May 02, 2006

The day after our economy was crippled

Yesterday, each and every one of our fine employees showed up to go to work. From what I hear, they all made it a point to be the first ones at the shop. I guess our little meeting of the minds paid off. I made it a point to thank each and everyone of them for doing the right thing.

The funny thing is, we got more work done on Monday than we usually do on a typical work day. It seems that none of the other trades working on our job site had the same pow-wow. We had the place to ourselves. No plumbers, no painters, no masons, no electricians. Only one drawback on the day...the taco truck didn't show up at lunch. Sue me, I love those grease wagons. The one that's been in this area is high class too. I think they've had a heath inspection as recently as 1995. Just stay away from any taco that includes the words "con lingua." That's just gross.

Today, everyone was back on site. The gringos were all amazed at the work we got done. Even more amazed that we had a 100% turnout. I was approached several times and asked about how we were able to get everyone to show up.

Its was easy really. An honest conversation about mutual respect goes a long way. Looking back on it, I'm glad we were able to have the conversation. Our guys no longer have any doubts about where we stand on the issue...and we don't have doubts on where they stand. We are all pissed that Uncle Sam can't seem to figure out what to do.

They are mad because they don't really know who Uncle Sam is and why he takes a chunk out of their pay check every week.

We are mad because a bunch of hard working men live in limbo while others without their principles demand their "rights." Little do they know, we've scheduled the week so they get Friday (Cinco de Mayo) off. They are all invited to the office on Friday afternoon for some cold Corona and fajitas prepared by the gringos. We do it every year. They all get lit in the afternoon and then go to their own parties while the gringos stay and drink the leftovers.

No lime thank you.


Sass said...

i tried to call in to work and claim mexican but they wern't having it.

Nessa said...

As usual, in topics such as these, you took the words right out of my mouth! Very well said!