Thursday, May 25, 2006

Let's compare, shall we

I'm headed out of town this weekend for some much needed r&r. I'll be headed to Lake Athens where a full set of teeth is optional but banjo pickin' is required. While packing, I realized that the damn dogs take up 85% of the storage space in my truck. Let's compare packing lists.

Molly and Tess:
  1. 2 kennels
  2. 2 leashes
  3. 1 container for Molly food
  4. 1 container for Tess food
  5. 4 duck dummies
  6. 4 food/water bowls
  7. 1 bag of big bones
  8. 1 bag of little bones
  9. 1 box of Milkbones
  10. 1 dog first aid kit
  11. Undetermined amount of tennis balls
  12. 2 kinds of combs
  13. 1 whistle
I think that covers them. Now for me:
  1. Swimming trunks
  2. Teeth brush (only people in East Texas use a tooth brush)
  3. Flip flops
I wonder what would happen I had to bring a woman along? Where would her stuff go? Don't worry. I'm a true Southern gentleman. I'd get her a bus ticket and be waiting for her at the bus station after I got to our final destination and unloaded all Molly and Tess' stuff. If she played her cards right, I might even be moved to spring for the beverage of her choice at the bus station.

Y'all have a great weekend. Stay out of trouble.


'Mazing Amy said...

BWAHAHAHA Excellent companion post to my list of things I absolutely need to buy for my summer wardrobe post today. HA HA HA HA HA

Have a great weekend!

Snow White said...

LOLOL I guess it's a good thing you don't have a woman to take along. You can keep one at each destination, however!

I've got the first round of graduation company here, round 2 will arrive tomorrow afternoon, and graduation is tomorrow night! Wish I was going to the lake! lol Have fun and take lots of pictures to share! xox

Grins said...

Here is a's can't read the Milkbone boxes and have no clue that the puppy size treats are for puppies. Grown dogs will eat them too. Voila only one box to pack and now your date can at least pack a bikini in the saved room. And hope you're willing to ride on the roof rack because no way she is taking the bus ::thwap::

Have a great weekend Adam, Molly and Tess!

Golden Dreams said...

We bought our house for our Fenway. Got a bigger boat for Fenway. Rented a house for a week for Fenway. Vacations and life are all about the dogs! Ferris is slowly learning that he ended up in a pretty swanky situation. The new rescue arrives in a week. We can compare our lists then! LOL

mollymcmommy said...

my goodness you are low maintaince, just like women to pack so much stuff, your pups that is!