Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Who says puppies won't learn?

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Not to be outdone...Molly would like to add this:

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Molly is mad that there seems to be a lag between the video and the sound...Don't worry Mols...I know you aren't dumb enough to "get it" before you hear it.

This conculdes any and all posts for the evening. Rumor has it that its time for bed.


Snow White said...

Your girls are so cool! Way to go Molly & Tess!

Southern Fried Girl said...

Too cute. I love her just gnawing on your hand like "Clearly this is what you meant, right?"

Chickenhawk said...

Man, I wish Cooper had enough self-control to learn Molly's trick! Tess is gonna be a real star!

'Mazing Amy said...

Can I tell you again I am in love with your dogs? :)

Golden Dreams said...

OK, that was awesome! LOL