Monday, June 26, 2006

Lesson learned over the weekend

No matter how hilarious it is to watch dogs eat corn on the cob, its not a smart thing to do...unless of course the dogs belong to someone else.

Sometimes in life you make the same mistakes over and over. I have a feeling that I won't make this mistake EVER again. Damn, it was funny while it lasted though...those were some of the cleanest cobs I've ever seen.


Duly Inspired said...

Hmmmmm. Does corn refuse to be digested in dogs as well?

Golden Dreams said...

Is it wrong that I am laughing out loud for gross...lmao

Thanks for the tip!

Adam said...

I'll just say this...I know why they have lamb and rice instead of lamb,rice and corn dog food on the market. Some food groups are best left out.

kat said...

oh, and never give cheese to a cat. bad things. very bad.

Southern Fried Girl said...

Oh. My.

mollymcmommy said...

duly inspired, holy crap you had me LOL'ing out loud too, ewwww! haha!

giving corn to a kid is funny stuff too.

i have to cut my corn off the cob though, i hate getting that stuff stuck in my teeth.