Sunday, July 02, 2006

The chixie dicks

Back in the mid-nineties I was in Lubbock visiting a friend and we had the pleasure of listening to a new band in this small dive. They were great! I never have been a big fan of female country singers, probably because I can't sing their songs in the shower. But these chicks could flat out play and sing. I was an instant fan. The place I first heard them was so small that after the show, they came out and visited with everyone in the bar. They came and sat at our table for a bit and we all had a great time. A few years later, I was in College Station when they came to town for a show. This time, the venue was a little bigger, but they were still able to greet fans after the show. I went over to say hi and they said they remembered that night in Lubbock. Who knows if they really remembered, but they made an effort to make this fan feel special.

Fast forward to this morning...I was on my way to get morning coffee and had the XM radio tuned to the country station when their new song came on. I fought the urge to change the channel, but I wanted to hear the whole song for myself. What a whinny, misguided piece of crap!

Ok...rewind to '03...Fine, be critical of the president. Everyone should have a right to speak their mind. I've been highly critical of the president on several very important issues, but I've never thought to bring the Great State of Texas into my arguments. But again, they were exercising the Constitutional right granted each and every American.

Fast forward back to today. Listening to that song complaining about the repercussions of their own words was sickening. Those folks who are quick to site their Constitutional rights under the First Amendment must also be equally as quick to accept the consequences of their words. These women are very talented artists, but they lack the intellectual honesty to accept that their own words and actions are the reason that their fans have turned on them. I'm not ready to make nice either. I miss that smoky bar in Lubbock so many years ago.

Q: What do you get when you play a REAL country song backwards?
A: You get your wife back, you get your job back, you get your dog back, and you sober up.


Red said...

I used to be a fan as well. I don't care about their feelings for the President. Many people don't like him and many people have said worse, but it was on our own soil. What pissed me off is that they said it overseas to a crowd chanting anti-American slurs. It's one thing to dislike the President and make it known, but it's a totally different one to sell out your country altogether. If they don't like him, fine, but I can't help but wonder if they'd have done the same thing if they had been in Lubbock.

I haven't heard the song.. I don't think I want to.

cmk said...

Love the joke! :)

(I just don't comment on those women anymore.)

kat said...

i don't understand this texas thing. i had a prof in college for eastern reloigions, and everytime he drew india or surrounding territory he would go to the other side of the board, draw texas and put a star where he was born. wha?

Adam said...

Kat..bless your heart. You need to be from Texas to really get it.

kat said...

i got bless-your-hearted. ah, me. you know, it's not my fault i was born in cali. (totally my fault i live here now)

Duly Inspired said...

Adam, Thank you so much for this. I have argued this point... that it really has little to do with the constitution, but more about dissing your leader while in a foreign country and then having the gall to be shocked that some people might react to that. Action gets reaction.

Please tell me that the smoky bar in Lubbock was Fat Dawgs.