Tuesday, July 11, 2006


Lots of hits from the Dallas area today. I think this blog has been "outed" and distributed amongst a group of my FORMER friends in that area. Don't worry, I doubt they will cause a ruckus...they are all hopeless alcoholics and probably won't even remember visiting here in the morning.

This same group of people can forget about viewing a wonderful PowerPoint presentation complete with maps and pictures (they need pictures to understand stuff) pertaining to our idea to purchase a lake property. Yep, say goodbye to a lovely 2-story on the lake, say goodbye to 5 bedrooms filled with race car beds and lava lamps, and say goodbye to the brass fireman's pole. It could have been so much fun.

As for the guys weekend at the end of the month...yep, that's out too. I'll use that time to go find some new friends.

Take that!

For the regular readers, do you find it odd that when you use the spell checker, the word "blog" pops up as a misspelled word? One of days, I'll click on "Learn." I'll wait until the day that it becomes annoying rather than funny though.


cmk said...

I DEFINITELY have wondered why 'blog' comes up as misspelled--to me it just doesn't make sense. Oh, well, too much of the world doesn't make sense to me! :)

kat said...

i read that about 4 times trying to figure out what you weren't telling people and still have no clue. sounds like there's a sore spot involved, though. that or too much vodka.

i once found a real word that spell check didn't have. i felt super smart.

this comment section officially belongs to the felines now.

'Mazing Amy said...

are you OK?

Adam said...

Amy, yes...completely fine. Just thought those jokers needed something to read when they got here!

mollymcmommy said...

i've wondered that too, although lately i've being not doing spell check cause blogger has been acting like such a whore lately. boo!