Monday, August 07, 2006

What? I have a cat?

The back of a couch is no place for a dog. She was dealt with appropriately and I don't think we'll be seeing her up their anytime soon. Molly has her spot. Why can't Tess seem to find an appropriate one?

Ahh, that's better.

A few weeks ago I came to the realization that floors were made for dogs. I got sick of late night/early morning power struggles right next to me as I slept. New dogs in bed, no dogs on the couch. Molly can keep her spot on the chair and Tess is s.o.l. They can still sleep in the bedroom, they can still jump up on the bed and pant away to alert me when an unexpected gastric emergency is immanent, but there will be no further unbridled access. This is the law. Take it or leave it.

Updated: I've been trying to get a Yin Yang picture. Tonight we got so close.

Updated again: They did it! We have Yin Yang! Everyone must now be at peace.

Last one: Tess ruins the balance of the universe. Molly, unaware of the shift in the universe's dynamic, chooses to remain asleep.


Chatty said...

I walked in to find Cameron asleep on top of Ferris who was on top of the couch. WTH? They must have been in mid wrestel and Cam gave up. LOL

Snow White said...

LOLOL You always have the best posts & pictures!

PS. I guess you made it through Monday... did y'all get any rain?

Sass said...

crazy dog person


Sass said...


'Mazing Amy said...

BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA My dog I grew up with used to like the top of the couch too. It made my dad and I giggle and drove my mom nuts!!

Molly and Tess are the BEST!!!!

cmk said...

Good luck with keeping them off of the bed--I tried making a rule with my cat and it just didn't work. But then, cats rule the world and the rest of us are allowed to live in it! :D

Red said...

Is that a half-fuzzy tennis ball I see by Tess? My dog immediately pulls the green fuzz off the tennis ball as soon as she gets a new one.

I've also tried to get her to stay off the bed, or to wait until she's "invited." It's been a half success. She doesn't get up there until we're asleep or I leave the room.

Grins said...

Good luck on banning them from the furniture. I'll be over here laughing while Rainey and Cody leave dog fur all over mine.