Saturday, September 30, 2006

Two dogs walk into a bar...

One screwed up.

One knows when she's been caught.

One knows how to suck up to the provider of bones.

Both know how to make some good pictures.


'Mazing Amy said...

Oh man, I seriously squeal and awww and feel my heart swell whenever I see Molly and Tess. I suffer from severe lack of dog. Dogitis.

great pics!!

Red said...


Tess is definitely growing into her ears..

Golden Dreams said...

Classic. I have the white woobie guts all over my house also. I've also seen it in their poop...not that I am observing's just weird to see white fuzz come out of their butts. LOL Great shots of the girls. I just recently tried to get pics of the boys and true to form, only one would pose!