Thursday, November 16, 2006

My new toy

So, last week I was eligible to upgrade my cell phone. It is the coolest little phone. On the front, it looks like your standard non-flip phone. On the back, it looks like one of those slim digital cameras. It takes some pretty decent pictures too.

Inside, it has the ability to play mp3s, pick up FM radio, even syncronize with my Outlook calendar. I've got to tell you, it makes me look very important, especially when I keep it safely stored in its case strapped to my belt.

What? A phone on my belt makes me look like a tool? But, but...the camera doesn't have any lense protection and the lucky piece of sand paper I keep in my pocket might scratch it. Please? OK, fine. Well I think I'd better post a video before the lense gets too scratched.

Here goes. I call this one "The Orange Bone of Destruction":

Molly sure is a good girl. Tess, well, I'm still "blessing her heart" right and left.

Oh, I forgot to mention one thing that this phone does drops almost every call. Here's a note for all you cell phone manufacturers out there: These devises are PHONES. Their primary function is to CALL people. Let's start focusing on the primary function of your little bundle of technology. Once you get that figured out, we can shift the focus to allowing users to have the new Paris Hilton album available 24-7. Deal?

Oh yea, I demand that you bring back the game "Snake." It's the only game I was ever any good at.


Red said...

I agree... I miss Snake!

Chickenhawk said...

I love it... mid-play... "Molly Sit" and she comes right over and parks it. What a good girl.

Cellphones suck, all of them. I got one about 3 years ago that gets great reception. Doesn't have any fancy features on it, but who cares when it doesn't drop calls? Your post reminds me why I keep my antique phone!

Mackenzie1975 said...

Those dogs of yours are beautiful!

The cell phone thing cracked me up. You are so right, they are to make telephone calls yet that is what they seem to fail at on a regular basis!! ha.

Golden Dreams said...

HA! Ask for a video and I get one. Cam on the sofa loved it. He wanted more. I never thought to use my phone, but Ferris runs from that too. ::eyeroll::