Wednesday, February 21, 2007

A disturbance in the Force (or garage)

Tess thinks we got a great deal. Molly (not pictured) thinks we got screwed! Tess wants a ride, Molly thinks we should have played a little more hard ball in making the deal. I tend to side with Molly after trying to give the dealership a check tonight.

Car salesmen can officially blow me. Call me crazy, but I think the guy walking in the place with a check gets to jump to the front of the line. Not at the dealership I used. They like to make people wait. I don't like to wait. I still have their money. I am prepared to walk out again if they make me wait to give them money. When they want it bad enough, I'll get some quality customer service. Lets hope they want the check bad enough tomorrow morning.


Chickenhawk said...

Uh, and just how are you going to fit two dog crates in that? What did you do with the Texas Cadillac?

I think the dealer's tend to tone down the service if it's a cash deal. There's no room for them to play their games. Having said that, I'd take waiting to pay them over having them screw me with a bad financing package any day.

Golden Dreams said...

Oh, I could tell you some horror stories from the car dealership. You know, like erasing the figures after we had signed the paperwork. Things like that tend to make me think they are of a different species. Nice wheels though. I can see two red heads in the back with their hair blowing in the wind. And their tongues flapping, spit flying and noses runnin'. :)

(at has horrible spelling and must redo...I teach English for God's sakes!)

always Kris said...

I love it! I love the four doors. What did you have before?

I have worked in the financing department at a bank and I absolutely HATED working with car dealerships. They think they are God!

Woodrow said...

Car dealers are vermin.

The internet has greatly improved the car buying experience, though.