Wednesday, April 18, 2007


Dogs are not allowed on my couch.

Technically, she isn't "on" the couch, she is on the comforter that serves as buffer between her butt and the couch. Few juries in America would convict her given such evidence. However, I just looked at the Drudge Report and he has a shocking new photo (and siren) that may or may not blow this case wide open.

Apparently, someone has photos of one of my dogs violating the "no couch rule."

Let's look at what Drudge has posted, shall we...

It's a clear violation and someone must pay, but the image is grainy and there is little proof that it was in fact a Golden Retriever who violated the law. It looks sort of like a poodle paw to me. I for one will not jump to conclusions. When the dna comes back we will have more answers and hopefully some resolution. Until then, stay strong and hope.

Updated: Nevermind. Guilty.


Burg said...

I hate it when the no couch law is violated. Gretchen does it constantly lately when everyone else is asleep.

Golden Dreams said...

They split hairs here. It used to be the no couch law so they moved it to the loveseat. At our house it's the no eat couch law.

Chickenhawk said...

Yeah, we had a "no couch" law here too. It was then downgraded to no "bare" couch (yup we tried the comforter too). Now, it's just... "No couch immediately after going for a swim or rolling in mud."

Duly Inspired said...

Molly has great legs!