Wednesday, May 09, 2007

What goes with whine?

I'm sick and I've got deadlines. I'm being forced to work after hours to pick up some slack...while coughing up a lung.

Thank Goodness I'm fortunate enough to have a couple sexytaries to get me through the hard times.

Feeling like death warmed over has its perks though. When you get the strength to head out to the mailbox, you might be lucky enough to be summoned for jury duty. I hope they pick me...


Golden Dreams said...

I see you have a shredder. You want to rent out my studs? They will shred anything for free. Feel better. :)

'Mazing Amy said...

hee omg the continuing cuteness of your dogs makes me giggle every time.

i hope you feel better soon!

always kris said...

Oh goody. Jury duty. I know you are excited at the thought.

Get well soon.

Burg said...

I got a jury summons once.. I was able to get out of it. I actually wanted to do it though, I just didn't have a reliable babysitter.

I've been feeling bad too. I have walking pneumonia, which I'd never really heard of. Hope you feel better soon.