Monday, July 16, 2007

It aint easy being Golden

The Golden Retriever, cursed with a patient temperament, can never catch a break. Molly just rolls with the punches, even at nap time. I wish I could get inside her head and listen to her thoughts at moments like these. There is only one thing on this earth (well, two if you count bones) that gets her worked up. Even then, Butthead seems to trust her...Can you see the fear in Tess' eyes as she performs the "head in the mouth of the alligator trick?" Tess has no fear, and Molly has no malice. I'm glad they established that early on in their love/hate relationship.

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Duly Inspired said...

Cheyenne, who has no patience with anything including me, would have jumped up, ferociously growled, and sulked/searched for another spot to slumber. That dog growls at me when I try to move her over in the bed. Tough tart, that girl. Molly seems to have patience of a saint, bless her.
Oh - yes, it is the PetCo toy. She loves her new baby even though she's already chewed half the stuffing out of its face.