Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Just returned from a quick vacation

Winter Park, CO. My flight was late because United failed to tell the flight crew that this flight was ON TIME!!! There was some snow in Denver this morning, but oddly enough, everything was on time. As it turns out, the Denver airport is equipped to handle snow. Shocking, I know. Result, DELAYED.

We did not get back in time for me to pick my girls up from the kennel. So, as I write this, there are two dogs missing me, and me missing them. This is the first post I've ever written without at least one dog at my feet. I had a white knuckle drive over a snow covered mountain pass this morning and each switch-back and slow turn got me closer to my girls. I had a big night of wrestling and snuggling planned, but it was not to be. I'd call customer service, but I think that it would only make me more angry. I just want to be with my damn dogs! I pick them up at 8 tomorrow. We'll have an abbreviated wrestling/snuggling session before its time to go back to work.


Golden Dreams said...

For this reason there will be two Goldens in our backseat on the way to Virginia next week. Should make for interesting blogging! We are kenneling them at the vet in April when we head to FL. That will make me sad. :(

Duly Inspired said...

I'm taking Cheyenne with me to Durango Colorado for Christmas. She's the reason we're driving. Can't wait to see her in the snow!