Tuesday, February 05, 2008

The redder the better

This morning I got to work and checked my email and found a survey I've been waiting for in my inbox. Surveys are usually very boring, but this one was like no other I've every seen. It actually made me laugh. Great way to start the morning!

Can you just picture a survey crew out detailing and documenting the presence of junk cars on our project's property. I mean, who do they pay to track down the make, model and year of a junk car? They even made the effort to document the fact that there is a mean dog in the area. I'll close with some words of wisdom from David Allen Coe..."If that aint Country, I'll kiss your ass."

Note to self...propose 8' privacy fence!


Chickenhawk said...

Holy crap! Now that is a surveyor I want to use! A team with a sense of humor! Everyone up here in the Great White North takes it WAYYYYY tooo seriously!

Duly Inspired said...

Confession: There was a time when the Monte Carlo was my dream car.

Adam said...

DI...today is your lucky day. I have an inside track and know EXACTLY where you could pick one up for a steal! Sure, it probably needs new tires and some fresh fuzzy dice, but you could always get in touch with Pimp My Ride. Did you ever imagine back in the day that you could have a flat screen tv in your trunk?