Sunday, May 03, 2009

Derby Day gold

No. I did not win a small fortune off of the bet that was a sure thing. My reward came in the form of something that you cannot assign a value. I got felt up by my soon to be sister-in-law!

First a little background. My brothers and I all look very similar. It being Derby Day, all the gentlemen were dressed very similar. My brother and I were wearing almost identical outfits.

I was just standing there when my sister-in-law came over to me and gave me what I thought was a little side hug. I returned the favor. It then became clear that a hug was not what she was after when her hand moved a little south of my lower back. A light bulb then appeared over my head.

She thought I was my brother, so what could I do other than respond in kind? The whole thing lasted for what seemed like an hour in my mind. In reality it was less than a minute. My brother came back to the group we were with and saw what was going on and also had a light bulb pop up over his head.

The mock fight that I had with him about infidelity and my doubts about their upcoming wedding...and my future sister-in-law's reaction to it was truly priceless. You don't always get to plan practical jokes. Sometimes they just fall right in your lap (or on your butt.)

Good times!

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