Sunday, June 21, 2009

When you drink too much...

...there is always a possibility of waking up next to an ugly woman with a questionable sense of morality, abandonment issues and strange morning after breakfast cravings.


Golden Dreams said...

Aw, she's not ugly. My boys think she is hot! Mine had a run in with a couple of frogs yesterday. It was jealousy actually. I was all over the frogs and they were none too happy! LOL

Bonie said...

It's the breath that kills me.

KBL 2 ORD 2 SAN 2 LUV said...

I say that is one successful, rabble rousing night. If we could wake up to that face, I am POSITIVE there would be peace in this universe.

When I drink too much I actually fall asleep on my dogs, and they wake up with MY face in their mugs.

Nick used to eat snails and worms on rainy days. DISGUSTING!!! I can still remember the crunching of the shells as I ran as far away as I could.

My humble suggestions for books:
I loved Merle's Door. Ed is reading it now.
Anything by John Katz. I have a few more, but I want to ask Ed what he thought before suggesting them. Give ya another guy's perspective. He feels the exact same way you do about dog books, specifically those about Goldens.

I am partial to books about old dogs. Reeeeeallly old dogs. But those usually only have a bunch of pictures.

A 100 kisses each to Molly & Tess!

Sam said...

What a lovely face to wake up too! My blind girl Cisco wakes me up in the morning by staring at me. That gets me up better than any alarm clock!

Charlie said...

Who you callin' UGLY?!
- Charlie