Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Missing controlled chaos

Tonight the house is quiet. Molly and Tess are rotting away in dog jail. It's always hard to drop them off the day before leaving town. There is no one around to warn of the impending doom because of squirrels rooting around outside. If an acorn falls on the roof at 3am, I will have no way of knowing.

Being without my buddies makes me wonder what people without dogs all the time do in their spare time. Maybe it is the dogless who have made reality TV shows so popular. Maybe the dogless are responsible for global warming. Surely they are the ones behind Twitter.

Tonight, I am dogless. I'll be watching "Survivor" while sorting my recycling, but if you followed me on Twitter, you'd already know that.

1 comment:

Sam said...

The picture is quite scary... I'm afraid to be without dogs. When Sam was at the vet for a week, I realized just how much I missed him. It is no fun getting dressed in the morning when you can find both of your shoes in one place!