Monday, January 09, 2006

The weekend after

This was the first weekend without any holiday related obligations. Seems like I've been going non-stop since Thanksgiving. It was great to have nothing at all on the agenda. I had every intention of doing nothing but watching the football playoffs and maybe a doing a little reading out in the beautiful weather, but for some reason, I got a burst of energy after having my coffee on Saturday morning.

First on my unplanned list was cleaning up the yard. We've had a couple of windy days around here in the past few weeks and all my neighbor's leaves somehow ended up piled in my yard. So, I raked like a maniac (in lieu of a workout) for a couple hours. Then followed it up with a mow. The place looked great...but then I was sitting inside staring at the white walls and I guess a bee crawled up in my bonnet. Time for some color. A tone at least.

So, I went to Lowes. picked up a couple of gallons of paint and went to town. With the playoffs on in the background, I started rolling. I kept doing "just one more wall" until I ran out of paint. Here is a before picture of my bedroom:

The white had to go! And the after. Nothing fancy, just a little tone that's easier on the eyes:

This week I'll be cutting and matting my collection of prints of The Good General. After all, there needs to be something hanging on the newly refreshed walls.

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