Saturday, March 11, 2006

Introducing Miss Tess


Nessa said...

oh my goodness - killing me with cuteness - she is sooooo adorable!!! what does Molly think??

Duly Inspired said...

Look at those feet! Oh my. Whatever bit of your heart wasn't already handed over to Molly, I'm pretty sure you just lost.

Snow White said...

She's a doll! How's it going? Is she fitting right in with Molly?

Sass said...

She's so cute. Now freeeze her so she won't grow any bigger.

Okie said...

I no PETA member, but I think freezing her would be sort of mean. Besides, then she would never outgrow that "I must chew on everyting" stage.

Do you train your dogs to work as retrievers, or they just pets?

Adam said...

Thanks to all for sharing in my excitement. Trust me, she is a blessing to me...the jury is still out on how Molly feels about it, they are still feeling one another out.

Nessa, I can't quit picking her up and taking her to the bathroom to check us out in the mirror.

DI, her paws were what helped me make the final selection. And, yes, she has stolen my heart.

Snow, so far, so good. I just wish she'd let me get more than 4 hours of sleep. I'm not a big fan of 5am!

Sass, I know what you meant. All the fun is watching them grow up to do what they were bred to do. Tess was obviously bred to retrieve dirty socks.

Okie, we do a little hunting. I just like to train them to work. Fake ducks are so much easier to chunk out into the lake. Its fun to watch them work.