Monday, March 06, 2006


Tonight after work, my routine was pretty much the same...get home, grab a cold adult beverage, go out back and romp with Molly. Like many evenings before, all went according to schedule. When the mosquitoes started to bite it was time to go back inside to flip on the news and take care of the day-to-day tasks. Then, it hit me...I've got to puppy-proof this house!

When I first got Molly, I was living in an apartment filled with all the "fine" furniture I had in college. The puppy-proofing was a breeze. I didn't really care if things got chewed on, peed on, whatever.

Older and wiser now, this new puppy is going to be watched like a hawk. It will not see any alone time with access to the carpet, couches or anything else of value. In other words, I'm going to raise this one right. I got pretty lucky with Molly, she turned out to be a pretty good dog. It only took 3 years to get there. I know puppies will be puppies, so I have the steam vac waiting in the wings.

Tonight's goal is to get the house all cleaned up so I can see exactly what needs to be done. Its kind of hard with a weeks worth of clothes on the floor, junk mail littering the counter and dirty dishes in the sink. I've got my trusty yellow legal pad out ready to take notes on things I need to go pick up prior to this weekend. I wonder if Girl Scouts work on weekdays?

This week is going to fly by. What am I getting myself into?


Nessa said...

My female golden was harder to train than my male golden. I don't know how you feel about it, but crate training really did do the trick and she's a happy, healthy, regular ol' golden these days!

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