Saturday, March 04, 2006

OK girls, I get it

Today I had a long "to do" list that involved trips to many places where currency is exchanged for goods or services. It seems like every store I approach these days have young entrepreneurs sitting outside. They all ask the same question..."Would you like to buy some cookies?" Bless their hearts, I know they have good intentions and its for a good cause, but for crying out loud, quit harassing me over some cookies!

At every cookie marketing hub, there is always a parent teaching their child and their friends that its perfectly acceptable randomly ask people if they would like to buy what they are selling. This sort of real-life spam just really annoyed me today.

I can see your vests. I can see your merit badges. I can see the boxes of cookies. I know what your selling. If I want some cookies, I'm familiar with the process of how to go about buying them. STOP ASKING! At the very least, remember that I didn't want any when I walked in the door, so don't ask me again as I walk out. Pretty please?

Legal Disclaimer: None of the Thin Mints resting in my freezer were harmed in the typing of this post.


Okie said...

Love the thin mints, but the peanut butter are better.

Adam said...

Them's fightin' words Okie!