Friday, March 31, 2006

Truly amazing

Friday afternoons at the office are usually pretty chilled out. Around 3 or so someone goes to the store to pick up a couple of cases of beer to have on hand for when the crews come in from work. We sit around and discuss how the week went and get our ducks in a row for the following Monday.

This week seemed like any other. As the guys came in, everyone started to get into "chill mode." Leisurely, and with a beer in one hand, they went about the task of making sure trailers were stocked for the week to come. I was out directing what needed to be done when the phone rang.

The call was from a client we worked for a couple of months ago, and he had a complaint that required my IMMEDIATE attention. You see, he had an urgent problem. Birds. Not birds crapping on his patio furniture, not birds pecking at his children, not even birds nesting in his satellite dish and knocking out his reception. No, his problem was with their incessant chirping.

Friday afternoon (and 3 cold beers behind me), I just had to laugh. He was dead serious. It was our fault that we attracted birds to his home. How was it resolved you ask? I've canceled my trip to Austin to see my family. Instead, I'll go to Wal Mart tonight and pick up some over-alls, some fake hay and a broomstick to shove up my rear so I can play "scare crow"in his back yard all weekend. Anyone know where I can get a good deal on some burlap to cover my face? Anyone have a straw hat I could borrow?

After all, the customer is always right, right?


Okie said...

Friggin' people. This week I had to send one of our delivery trucks driven by a $12 an hour driver and which burns $2.70 a gallon diesel at 5.5 mpg 120 miles round trip to exchange 150 sheets of 7/16 OSB which I make $.30 a sheet on because the customer wanted all of his roof to be decked with OSB with the same color paint on the edges. If his builder weren't one of my best customers, I would have made an exception to the rule you mentioned. I hate people.

Snow White said...

Oh Adam! I'm sorry you had to cancel your family plans. I don't know what's up with birds lately. There were tons of birds flying overhead and making noise. The cats were a bumfuddled... I'm not exactly sure what your customer wants YOU to do!?! Bless your heart for trying, though. Good luck!

Twisteduterus said...

the customer might always be right but they are not always correct.