Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Best wishes to all on Masters Eve

Whether watching it on TV back in '86 when Jack played the best 9 holes ever, or watching Freddy live at Augusta in '92 playing the 18th on Sunday, or throwing things at the TV during the "Tiger years," The Masters week is truly one of my favorite holidays. Sure, I know the banks are still open and the mail still comes, but its a holiday to me.

This year the course is a little longer and the greens are going to be a little faster. Look for the bomber/scrappers to be in the last groups on Sunday. And remember, the tournament doesn't start until the top 20 reach Amen Corner on Sunday.

If I were a betting man, Phil is hot after last week and Tiger will be playing for his ailing dad. But I'm not a betting man, so I'll be rooting for Davis, bad back and all.

Updated: We now have pairings.


Okie said...

I'll root for the guy we've never heard of who somehow finds himself in the top five on Sunday morn. There seems to be one George Mason in every major.

But if I were a betting man? Phil or Vijay.

Okie said...

Or Retief.