Friday, May 19, 2006

Blatant nephew pimping

Just got an email from my sister-in-law with all her recent photos of the tirdbag that is my nephew.

I've often wondered why my parents never call when Jackson is in town. It's because they are too busy posing for the camera.

My folks have chosen the names Pops and Ya-Ya. I call mine Big Momma and Big Daddy on my mom's side and Grammie and Popper on my dad's side.

Grammie (the queen of cinnamon buns) and Popper (the tomato farmer) have passed. Big Momma and Big Daddy are still hustling free coffee at the local fastfood joint every morning.

Recently, I asked Jackson if he might like to have a dog as a gift. He was receptive!


Southern Fried Girl said...

Is there anything cuter than chunkadunk baby legs?

I think not.

Okie said...

Ya Ya? She chose that? Pops is cool though.

Snow White said...

Nice lookin' family! Have fun at the reception. I look forward to hearing about it, and even more, seeing new Molly & Tess pictures. Hmmm... Molly & Tess... they go together kinda like Butch & Sundance...

Grins said...

Did you buy him that tshirt? And YaYa? Is that a play off YaYa Sisterhood?

Adam said...

I'm not sure where Ya Ya came from. It may have come from the book. But I suspect a darker, more sinister make Ya Ya his first "words!" And no...I didn't get that shirt. This is the shirt I got him. And also a bib that says "Long Term Investment."

mollymcmommy said...

bah, my comment got eaten. will try again :)

he is such a cutie, love the shirt.

i have a onesie that says "boob man" and "Got Boob?"

love funnies on shirts!

oh, the onesie is for an infant, not a grown man! LOL!