Friday, May 19, 2006

Tonight's theme....chill

I'm not going to do anything tonight. You can't make me do anything tonight. I'm tired, I made it through another work week and tonight I'm going to sit here like a bump on a log.

I need my rest. For tomorrow I'll be heading north to a piece of land near the metropolis of Stephenville, Texas for a long overdue wedding reception. You see, these folks got married last year in Las Vegas. I was unable to go to the ceremony. They picked the wrong weekend to get hitched. The World Series of Poker was in town and there was a big fight going on the same weekend. Even our company jet was asking for over a thousand bucks for a non-stop. I skipped it, but did send a nice welcome basket to their hotel room...the thank you note is still lost in the mail, as is the one for the lovely set of towels I sent them. I understand. Stamps are so expensive these days.

Anyway...the couple has a friend who's dad is a big buddies with a Texas singer/songwriter legend. They are having their "reception" at the friend's dad's ranch. Guess who will be playing? It should be a fairly small gathering. Again, stamps are expensive, so not too many invitations were sent out.

My liver is resting tonight in anticipation of all the cold beer that will be consumed tomorrow. I will bring a cooler just in case the "provide booze for your guests" thing is overlooked by the happy couple.

Molly and Tess will patiently wait for their opportunity to be photographed with Billy Joe.

Note to self...charge the camera.

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Southern Fried Girl said...

You are just WRONG to send me that link about La Brit.

Her baby is so cute and she is such a moron. Yet, she continues to procreate like a crack ho sucks smokes up the rock and my eggs just keep dying slow painful deaths.

Makes my ovaries ache.

I might have to go steal Baby #2.