Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Sometimes its nice to just lay there

Flipping back an forth between the American Idol results and commentary on the Moussaoui decision, I decided to give up. Pickler is gone and the 20th amateur pilot is allowed to have a boyfriend (I hope his name is Bubba) for the rest of his life.

I could bitch and moan about all that is going on...but what's the point? I've tried writing, calling and emailing each and every one of my elected officials. THEY DON'T GET IT!

But because I've given are some more pictures of Tess' first entry into Mollyland.


Snow White said...

Love the pictures!
I've decided our elected officials only care what we think on election day! Ah well, keep your chin up. It's still the best country... and the best state! xox

Grins said...

My goldens LOVE to get up on the bed and have cuddle time like that. You're brave to leave your face too exposed while they are hovering over you though, I'm guessing you got more than one lick to the face. Nice bed lines by the way.

Southern Fried Girl said...

Those dogs are just the cutest. Love em.

Southern Fried Girl said...

You know, now that I reread the title to that post, I know a lot of women that feel that way.