Thursday, May 04, 2006

Hello, this is technical support. How may I help you?

Hello. Yes, I have a question about an ipod I recently purchased. Last night when I tried to charge it, nothing happened.

"Did you make sure that it was connected to both your computer and to the ipod?"

Yes ma'am. I tried it on all the usb ports on my computer too. I thought that perhaps the one I usually plug it into had gone bad or something.

"You should try to reinstall the drivers. We've been getting a lot of callers with this same problem. That usually corrects it."

Yes, that was going to be the next thing I tried. Can you hang on for just one second?

What do you want, Tess?

O.K. I'll ask.

Miss, have you had any calls reporting that ipod chords are evil and need to be destroyed?


Southern Fried Girl said...

You talk to your dogs more than I talk to my animals.

A clear sign that you are insane.

Southern Fried Girl said...

PS. That is the skinniest iPod I have ever seen. What kind is that?

Snow White said...

That evil pack of big dogs strikes again!

Adam said...

Heh! I talk to them so much because they actually listen to reason!

And another can bet that the next time that pack of gypsy dogs shows up, I'll photograph them so the Department of Homeland Security can start looking for them.

Okie said...

another reason I won't let dogs in my house.

Grins said...

Ah that is why Cody ate my HotWheels Oscar Mayer Weinermobile earlier in the week. It is obviously the getaway car of choice for the evil iPod cord.

Nessa said...

that is absolutely hilarious!!!!!

look at the pretty flowers...