Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Let's roll

A milestone night. Tess took her first ride in the car outside of her kennel. On the way to run a very important errand, she just laid on the back seat, but on the way back home she got her car legs and at least got her nose close to the window. She's going to make a good first officer.

My co-pilot performed her usual duties of sniffing out neighborhood cats, squirrels, teenagers and other evil creatures that roam the streets at this hour.

In other news...the new neighbors have a pit bull. He looks to be about 9 months old. They've been in the neighborhood for about a month, but the dog is very recent addition. Just wait until the cul-de-sac/Sunday BBQ/gossip mill/let the dogs and kids play together crowd gets word of this new development! My weekend project is to make a preemptive strike and get my dogs and their killer together for tea and to read them the riot act. We share a fence, we share common goals, we share a love for dogs. Good dogs. I know, Molly will show her teeth and growl at whomever asks...I'll also let my tiny little, dog deprived nephew tug on her ears and bite her tail. Tess still bites everything, so they have not yet had the pleasure of an introduction.

Guess what we don't share? When that cute little pit bull puppy grows up and becomes aggressive? Answer...the shovel. Dig your own hole.

Who knows though, tea time might smooth out all the rough edges and it might become a non-issue. Regardless of what happens between us, I'd like to see how it flies with the rest of the neighbors. I'm guessing the Sunday bbq crowd will not be pleased.

It only took me a year living here as a single man in the design industry to convince them that I'm not gay. I wonder how long it will take for the new neighbors to convince them that pit bulls are cute, cuddly love machines?

End rant. Hey, Tess went for a ride with me and Molly tonight!


Red said...

If they're good people and they really do love dogs as you say, you probably don't have anything to worry about. Not all pits are aggressive. I've raised them for years and not one has EVER been aggressive. In fact, one of the one's I had was best friends with the neighbor's cat. It may not even be a "pit bull," but some other terrier breed.

You have the right idea taking the dogs around each other while still young to get used to each other. Best wishes..

Southern Fried Girl said...

Hey, take the gay thing as a compliment. The gays bring up property value almost always. Seriously. I'd leave the house in assless chaps. They'd love it.

Golden Dreams said...

I made the insane decision to take them both to the vet. At.the.same.time. on Monday. I was really worried about the car, but they sat back there looking out the windows. It was like a scene from "Driving Miss Daisy". Except...I am a woman and there were two boys back there. Then they just curled up in a ball. They've been together one month. I think they are buds now. Sometimes they just surprise us!

mollymcmommy said...

dude, this was a funny post!! LMFAO!!!!