Tuesday, June 06, 2006

One of those weeks

Ever have one of those weeks where absolutely nothing seems to line up? If not, I would not recommend trying to have one. Its no fun!

For starters, I don't think I've driven up to a green light since Saturday. I almost made one this evening on my way home...but no, I fell victim to the soccer mom block. Two lanes of traffic and two car loads of kids in each lane content to go 10 miles below the speed limit. Was this an attempt to drive at a cautious speed to get their precious human cargo home safely? No, they were both on their cell phones oblivious to the world around them. On a positive note though, I think I taught little Johnny some valuable sign language. I miss the days of the station wagons with the rear facing back seats so I could do some real communication with the children of this fine community.

Work has been nuts too. I've had the office to myself pretty much all week. I thought I'd be able to get a ton of work done with all the peace and quiet. Negative. This week must be international phone solicitation week. We don't have a sexytary. So, being alone in the office I've had to field calls from all over the world asking if we are happy with our "fill in the blank" service. I've stopped being polite. Hey, if they are going to interrupt my day, I at least need to have the common decency to interrupt theirs right back.

Molly is still jacked up and acting weird because of her ear infection and resulting self inflicted wounds under both ears. If it doesn't get better by tomorrow...she's going to get a fashionable cone to wear.

To top the young week off, I think They are plotting against me.

Not to worry though. I'll be just fine. The weather has been gorgeous this week...about 95 and oh so humid...just the way I like it. The weekend will be here again soon enough. Maybe then I'll have time to fix the toilet in my bedroom that ran all last night! Until then, its turned off, so use the one in the hall. Leave the lid up though...They might get thirsty.


Southern Fried Girl said...

Oh man, the Brady bunch station wagon of days gone by. Memories....

'Mazing Amy said...

heh heh heh the pic of the dogs made me laugh so hard but evilly. mwahahahahaha

Yeah I am having one of those weeks too. not work wise too much-- more bizarre personal wise.

Damn I think I need to visit my pal in Austin. Austin and friend Tracy always straighten me out. lol

Kristy M. said...

Hey! I have a bedspread just like that!