Thursday, June 08, 2006

Top 10 reasons why today was a good day

  1. Office was quiet. Lots of work was done
  2. Splurged on lunch. Mexican food place. Ordered the Fiesta Plate. They should call it the Fiesta Plates because it takes two plates to serve it. Careful, these plates are hot.
  3. I renewed my love of the music and songwriting of Bruce Robison. Pick up his new album.
  4. Downloaded all his old stuff tonight and have it playing right now. I dare you to do the same.
  5. Molly's wounds are healing without having to get her a cone.
  6. Tess has made it a whole week without peeing in her pen while I'm away at work. She's even scratching the back door when its time to go out.
  7. Tomorrow is Friday.
  8. The day after is Saturday.
  9. Dog date with a Lab owner on Saturday afternoon. Molly seems pleased with the opportunity to show a yellow Lab how things are done in the water. I can't wipe the evil smile off her face. Tess is still untested, but I'm hoping for the best.
  10. Did I mention that tomorrow is Friday?
  11. Some blogs only go to ten...but this one has an eleven. (Hmmm, looks like this video has been flagged for possibly being offensive to some viewers. As the old saying goes, F' em. Feed em fish heads.)


Southern Fried Girl said...

Pictures of the dog date are to follow, I hope.

Chickenhawk said...

Can't wait to hear about the big date!

P.S. I thought Thursdays were suppose to be a special feature day?!!? I demand artwork, dang it!

Adam said...

SFG- Come on, she's not THAT ugly. Hopefully because we'll be outside she'll be wearing sunglasses so I don't fixate on her lazy eye. If things go well, I might have some video!

CH- Sorry...I haven't been to any "galleries" this week. I'm going to stop by one on Monday morning. I hope its a good one. I'll be sure to post anything interesting.

ally said...


hope the dog date goes well.