Thursday, June 01, 2006

Random things (in no particular order)

The sun is out again...finally. If it rains again tomorrow, I'm going straight to the Post Office to apply for a temporary job. Riddle me this...why is it that Molly would live in the water if I let her, but she can't stand the feel of wet grass on her paws?

I got a reply from my State Rep in response to an email I sent a couple of days ago as a follow up to an actual letter I sent last month suggesting that maybe spending cuts could be the answer to the shortfall in education funding. Let me share with you his opening remarks that made me giggle:
"This special session wasn't about spending cuts, as we were under a deadline to comply with the Supreme Court's mandate to create meaningful discretion for local school districts. I know the legislature (at least the conservatives) are always looking to find ways to cut spending."
Always? Always? Oh, I see, always...except when the legislature is in session trying to figure out how to pay for something when they don't have enough money. But seems they also gave us a "property tax cut." (for the Texans reading this, this is a required link to click.) But, hey, at least we also got a hefty new business tax. Sorry Texans, never try to REASON with a POLITICIAN...its an oxymoron.

You know when you watch cartoons and the character is trying to make a decision and they have an angel pop up on one shoulder and a devil on the other? I took pictures of both my angel and my devil tonight.

I can't decide what's more fun...popping those packing bubbles or peeling off skin after a good sunburn. Fortunately, the new skin underneath fits just fine. I wouldn't know where to take it back if it didn't. I probably couldn't anyway...can't find the receipt.

This work week seems really short. I can't believe its almost Friday again. Its almost like Monday never happened.

What, you still don't believe me that Molly hates the feel of wet grass on her paws? Really, I swear its true, Scout's honor. OK, here's the proof. She's been perched up there all week and I can't get her down. Tess is going to plant her a dog food tree so she at least has something to eat.

And finally, thanks to all you folks who read this little corner of the Internet. I enjoy your corners too.

I have to update: While typing this post, I had Molly outside all by herself to get some peace and quiet. Tess started sniffing around and doing the "gotta go pee" dance as I was wrapping up the post. So, took her out to spend some quality time outside with Molly while I finished. Just in case you were wondering, Tess doesn't mind wet grass.


Southern Fried Girl said...

Your dog pics never fail to make me smile.

ally said...

The last photo of 'smiling' Tess gotta a grin outta me.

And yeah, I totally can't believe it is so near the weekend already!

mollymcmommy said...

i don't like wet grass either :)


Nessa said...

patch is the same way with wet grass and kinky's gettin' my vote!! "aggie" might be where the problem is ;)

thanks for reading me too - enjoy you!