Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Sorrow for someone I don't know

Tonight while checking out the Golden Retriever group on Flickr, I came across a post that went something like this...
The doctor told us this second shot would make her very relaxed and as I looked at Brandi laying there, Brandi all of a sudden raised up and found my eyes and locked hers with mine and then this is something I will always cherish. Brandi never has done this before, but she was looking straight into my eyes and took her warm nose and touched my nose and just stared at me. I thought she was going to lick me but no, she was smelling my face and kept touching my nose with her's as she stared at me. Then her head started to fall and I grabbed her head and layed it down gently. she was still looking at me and so the doctor asked me if we were ready and I just said "do it" and Ron was crying so hard by now as was I and so I layed my head while holding her paw down on her face kissing her all over her face and saying her name and telling her I loved her and what a good girl she was as they gave her the third shot. I felt her last breath exhale on my face and then she was gone.
Folks, remember...Dogs are buttheads and they disrupt your lives. They are incorrigible bags of pee and poop. They chew your walls, they spill your drinks. They frustrate you, they annoy you.

I wouldn't have it any other way! Here's to Brandi and her owners.


Okie said...

This inspired a future post for me. About my first bird dog.

Kristy M. said...

Adam, I couldnt agree more. I have dogs and cats. I had my oldest cat for 14 years, he passed away in my arms at the vet's office just like Brandi. Your pets become just like children. Thank you for reminding me just how wonderful it is to have them all in my life.