Tuesday, June 13, 2006

The Tooth Fairy is coming

Earlier tonight Molly came over to me with blood all over her. Her ears, shoulders and feet were covered with bloody spots. Given her recent run in with a pair of hot spots, I thought she may have started a new one. In a semi-panicked state, I gave her the once (and twice) over...found nothing out of place. Hmmm, that was weird.

Upon further investigation, I found blood on their tug-of-war rope toy, a bloody bone and a bloody duck. That was when it hit me...Tess must have lost a tooth. Is she that old already? Yup...she is.

Looks like the carpet was spared. Life is good.


ally said...

wonder what the tooth fairy will bring?

Southern Fried Girl said...

I think a squeeky toy is in order, tooth fairy.

Adam said...

Squeaky toys are forbidden in this household!