Thursday, July 20, 2006

Deadline, shmedline

Hmmm, the house on the left looks familiar...I know I've seen it somewhere, but can't quite put my finger on it. Oh yea, I saw it here a while back.

While frantically trying to meet a deadline that came a week early, I was searching google images for some homes to print out and trace, but none were from the right perspective. On to Plan B. Our file cabinet has a ton of old drawings that include homes, so I headed there to look for something to blatantly trace. Still, nothing quite worked. Light bulb moment...I remembered a drawing I did a while back that would be perfect...but the original is nowhere to be found. I check the files on our luck. Just before the light bulb went out, I remembered the post I link to above. Right click, save image as, open with Photoshop, scale it to the correct size and BAM problem solved. Trace away.

I did edit it quite a bit because the home was not the subject of the drawing, but it still saved a ton of drafting time. Yea, that's right, I recycle drawings. Sue me.

Anyway, I finished the drawing this afternoon complete with some masonry work at the corner and a pimped out Cadillac cruising down the road. When I get to work in the morning I'll break out the 64 box of crayons (check that-its a 63 box...we destroy "Indian Red" immediately after purchase because that's not politically correct) and add some color. Yea, that's right, we buy the crayons that have the sharpener built right in. Jealous?

I guess my point is-please recycle, the planet is counting on you...or is it-have your pets spayed or neutered. I'm so confused...where is my beer?


Snow White said...

I love crayons and coloring. I just think they should be about half the length, 'cause nobody wants to use 'em once the points are worn down. And as cool as those sharpeners are, we all know you can never get that original point back! Congrats on bringing in your project a week early! I hope you have a fun filled weekend planned to make up for the crazy work week! xox

kat said...

i think i lost my crayons in the move. so sad. hey, have you ever tried to use the crayons that got melted in the back window of the car? love those. i adopt broken pottery, too.

Miss Fire said...

Is there really still an Indian Red? ;-)

Kristy M. said...

I wanna color too! and yes, I am jealous of the built in sharpener! I need a beer too, not a good day already at it's not even 9am. great. So take note, dont go to the bank today. :)

Duly Inspired said...

The best box of Crayons these days is a box of Sharpies in a rainbow of colors but also pastels. And they're retractable now. For your work, not so good. For my work, heaven!