Friday, July 14, 2006

Should have ordered the chicken

Its Friday! Big day. Let's go out and raise some hell!

Not so fast big boy. I had a Wataburger with cheese, mustard, all the way, for lunch today. I usually enjoy this tasty treat. Not today. I feel like crap, and I have since shortly after lunch. Always the trooper, I tried to enjoy a cold adult beverage on the porch with the girls after returning home. I'm embarrassed to admit didn't taste good and its still on the porch, half full (or half empty.) Maybe the can was just twice as big as it needed to be. I'm not in the mood to comment on that whole thing.

So...this fun loving gent will be spending his Friday night parked on the couch waiting for the Grim Reaper to ring the bell. I hope Molly and Tess will bark at the door and buy me some time to fully recover.

Who am I kidding? They'd let him right in and point the Reaper straight to where I keep the "good bones." They are pretty loyal, but they'd sell me out in an instant if it meant they'd get a bone. Damn dogs.

If regular posting doesn't resume in a timely fashion...would someone please notify my next of kin?
Sunday night update: Thanks y'all. I am feeling much better now. It was touch and go there for a while on Friday, but I pulled through with the help two young blonde nursemaids. I even managed to salvage a pretty good weekend. I hope y'all did the same.


Snow White said...

Hope by the time you read this you're feeling better. Was it lunch, or that damn virus that's been going around all summer? Either way, feel better soon! xox

Sandra Dee said...

I also spent the evening in. Nothing like a little down time...except when you're sick. Then it's no fun.

Feel better soon. I'll notify the fam if we don't see smoke signals.

Southern Fried Girl said...

I hate when I eat something that makes me feel gross. Hope your weekend goes better.

Kristy M said...

Sorry you arent feeling good. Hopefully you are feeling better today.

Snow White said...

Hmmm... I say we give him about 12 more hours to show proof of life, then we call in the big dawgs!

Kristy M said...

just stopping in to check on you, hope you are better. Nothing worse than being sick, especially in the summer for some reason.