Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Just a post

Is it just me or is it hot outside? For the past week and the week to follow I'll be away from the comfortable confines of my air conditioned office...I'll be working on one of our construction sites insuring that the design intentions are conveyed. So, after the past 3 days in the field on a site without a spec of shade, I'm a little worn out. Please forgive any slow posting in the days to come. My life after work now consists of letting my ungrateful dogs out and encouraging them to take care of business as quickly as possible, throwing the ball much less than normal, rushing back inside to suck on some a/c, taking a cold shower and then passing out on the couch.

Don't get me wrong, I love what I do. August is rough though. I feel bad for our guys who have to go out and do it every day! Hey, why don't we make the best of an uncomfortable situation? I've had a great week because:
  1. Being in the field means time to play with man-sized Tonka toys and envision being on "Dirty Jobs."
  2. There is a country cafe where we eat lunch that advertises a chicken fried steak as large as a saddle blanket. Today I went with the "medium" and it was only the size of the saddle. The next time I order one, I'll go with the "wussy" sized one.
  3. My tan is coming along nicely...even if it is a farmer's tan.
  4. We'll be done soon and I'll be able to post some pictures.
That is all for now. Y'all stay in the shade and drink plenty of water.


Southern Fried Girl said...

How about I stay inside in the a/c?

Sandra Dee said...

It is not just you. It is bliiiiiiiistering outside.

I think Oklahoma reached over 100 again today.


Grins said...

Adam, I don't have to hurry Rainey and Cody up outside...they go immediately and then DASH back to the comfort of the a/c and the sofa or cool wood floors. Lazy bums. Oh and grrr...even with them being pampered a/c sucking dogs they are STILL getting hot spots this summer. Grrr.

'Mazing Amy said...

I don't envy you the heat. We had it here for 3 weeks. It was miserable. ANd I am sure it will be back!!

I banned my mean anon commenter tonight! YAY!

kat said...

i live in the mountains. i had to put the heat on the other day. just let me know when you need a break and i'll clear out the guest room. there are 4 dogs on the commune where i live, so the girls should be fine.

...or you can continue with the farmer's tan. whee.

Luke said...

hey Adam!...nice blog..good work and keep it up man...