Friday, August 04, 2006

A "tail" of two cameras

Ok...just one more post about the squirrel. We'll call him "Woody." Another attendee of Guys Weekend emailed me the following picture and looking through my pictures, I think we captured the same moment in time...just from different angles.

Lets start this, shall we? The picture he sent to me looked something like this:

Guess what the picture I took looked like? It went something like this.

Remember this when you read your morning paper. The very same moment in time can either make you sad for our good ole buddy Woody, or it can make you happy for our good ole buddy Molly. I've heard lots of talk about location, location, location...I tend to think that perspective, perspective, perspective is much more powerful and influential.

I wonder, is the New York Times hiring?


kat said...

yes, he certainly is a woody. oh, my. and what is that house doing in the background? was i wrong for the impression that you were in the wilds of nowhere? well, at least you were outside.

Grins said...

Um...Woody looks like he might have starred in porn at one time. OK, I sound more than a little perverse. I'm going to go smack myself now, but not so that I'll like it.

Red said...

Well, did you let her have it or did Tess get to have all the glory??

Kitty X said...

I wonder whether that squirrel signed a release for such a [ahem] revealing photo to be posted on the web?

Golden Dreams said...

Why am I laughing...why??

Adam said...

Kat- It was in East Texas...that qualifies as the wilds of nowhere.

Grins- Yes, the squirrel porn industry is mourning his demise.

Red- Yes. Molly got a shot at it too.

Kitty- I'll fax you a copy of all the proper documentation in the morning.

GD- You are laughing because you, like Grins, understand the tornado that comes with a matching set of Goldens.

kat said...

so there are houses in east texas? i was not expecting that. good to know.

Woodrow said...

That's the biggest squirrel I've ever seen.

Nessa said...

Okay, for one, I know I'm playing catch up way late in the game here, but that has GOT TO BE THE MOST GINORMOUS SQUIRREL I'VE EVER SEEN!!!! Holy Cow!!!