Monday, August 21, 2006

Still here...

Posting has been slow, I know. Molly and Tess are pretty worn out too. It was a busy weekend. Let's recap, shall we:
  • Enjoyed some microbrew Friday night
  • Ran all the regular Saturday errands
  • Drafted the best fantasy football team ever created
  • Watched Tiger run away with another major (Yawn)
  • Introduced the dogs to a toy poodle and a miniature Schnauzer (Guess who was the boss?)
  • Now, I'm posting something because I can't sleep
Two weeks left until a well deserved week off.


'Mazing Amy said...

i don't want it to be Sunday night! no no no no no! lol Man-Fast going well. too well.

Southern Fried Girl said...

What are you doing with your vaca?

Red said...

Tess looks like she might be growing into those ears..

Snow White said...

LOL My parents have an Alpha female sheltie, but when my mini schnauzer is there, she holds her own! Dogs... ya' gotta love 'em!