Monday, August 21, 2006

It just occurred to me...

Its almost time for some good ol' college football!

"Whoops"...I ment collidge futbal.

Its a tough call to pick the best college football game ever. Was it the game against that school in Austin after the Bonfire collapse in '99 or was it the one played against OSU 11 days after 9-11-2001?

I can't (and won't) pick one. The camaraderie shared by both sides on those two occasions makes me proud to root for a team in the Big 12.

On an unrelated note, when will Texas Tech stop wearing helmets that look like the hull of a pimped out bass boat?


Sass said...

I know Adam i can't wait. I'm so excited to have football sundays back.

Kristy M said...

I LOVE football season!!! I cant think of a better way to spend a weekend in the fall.


I take that back.
I can think of a better way! lol

Duly Inspired said...

Now don't ruin this by making fun of the Raiders.

Miss Fire said...

Hook 'Em, beeyotch! ;-)

Sandra Dee said...

Hooray! I was just thinking that the other day. This time of year is my favorite. March Maddness is a close second, though.

So you're an Aggie, eh? I hear those games are unlike any other. As an OSU grad, I really want to go watch us play down there, just to see what the hype is all about.

Let's hope you don't cream us this year -- it's our Homecoming!! :)

Adam said...

Sass- Only a few short weeks left.

Kristy- Aggie football often inspires me to look for other ways to spend fall weekends as well.

Duly- Please don't take the helmet thing away from me. Given the recent final scores, it's really all I've got left.

Miss Fire- Bless your heart, Beeyotch! I say that with all due respect.

Sandra Dee- Aggie football is quite an experience. I think your homecoming will be a success...the Aggies are lucky to cream corn these days.

Kristy M said...

lol So does Razorback football. We get to open our season with a nationally televised good ole'fashion A$$ kickin! Sat, Sep 02 Southern California Fayetteville, Ark. 7:45 p.m. ~ ESPN

Woodrow said...


I've been to one game in College Station. When the Sooners went down there ranked #1 in 2001 and forgot to take their secondary and got their asses beat. No fun. That was a long drive home.

Miss Fire said...

Bless Kristy M and the Razorbacks' hearts....

Have you checked out Pretty fun reads.

Yay for college football!!!

kristy m said...

Awwww thank you Miss Fire, I think, is that in regards to being a Razorback fan? lol Well we did get one of the #1 qb recruits in the country, Mitch Mustain, but I dont think we will use him this year. But we really dont need a qb anyway, Houston will run it up the middle anyway. uggggggggggh!

'Mazing Amy said...


Best college game ever?

my picks would be:
2005 USC - Notre Dame
2003? Fiesta Bowl Ohio State-Miami
I have tix to USC-Nebraska and then the following week USC-Arizona in Tuscon.


kat said...

i can't believe that you tricked me into viewing that first pic. so not fair. as for me and football this year, i plan on attending all the local high school games. i know how to live it up. wheee.

Grins said...

How sad is it that I immediately thought of Andy Griffith's recording "What it is, is football"?

Snow White said...

Okay Molly & Tess... what have you done with Adam? He hasn't posted in several days. You didn't let the gypsy dogs get him, did you? I hope he hasn't taken off with all your campagin contributions! Let us know if you need help! Just bark out an SOS and help will be on the way!

kris m said...

Molly? Tess?
Can Adam come out and play? lol
You guys must have had a great weekend. Now hurry up and post about it. You know some of us have nothing better to do than live vicariously through others! lol :)